Weekly #3: Some Changes and Experiments

Hi ~ This is liuyuxin, and this is my 3rd weekly report. I dealt with some miscellaneous matters over the past week and made some reflections and changes. Currently, I am going through a low period, feeling anxious, uneasy, and even a bit regretful. But perhaps, the dust will settle soon.

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Here is the main content.

Building a Corner to Speak Random Thoughts#

memos is an open-source lightweight note-taking software that supports self-hosting through Docker. I noticed this project when I was still using flomo, and at that time, I only regarded it as a note-taking software. Now that I have replaced flomo with Logseq, I want to try something on memos.

My most active social platform is "JiKe". I have always believed that "JiKe" is currently the best Chinese internet discussion forum in terms of atmosphere. However, in the current online environment, there are inevitably some arguments, vulgarities, infringements, and political debates on "JiKe"... The internet brings people closer together, but it doesn't tell you in advance that the person on the other side might be an idiot.

And I am more introverted, and my desire to express myself is greatly influenced by the environment. Even on "JiKe", where I am most active, I probably post less than one update per week on average. I think I need a self-hosted service that allows me to express my thoughts anytime, so I thought of memos.

Log in to the server, install memos with one command, and then reverse proxy it to my domain. "杂言碎语" was born like this.

In the future, I will post updates on "杂言碎语", with a frequency of more than one per day. The content may include life complaints, reading reflections, and daily reviews. You can view it through the following ways:

Looking for a Simple and Beautiful Bookmark Management Software#

I have always been concerned about personal data management. One of the major requirements when choosing PKM software is that the data must support local storage. My online bookmarks have always been directly stored in Chrome's bookmarks bar, synchronized through my Google account. However, Chrome's bookmarks bar is categorized by folders, which is inconvenient and not intuitive to manage. So after finishing memos, I want to build my own bookmark management system.

I first tried several solutions given in awesome-selfhosted, but without exception, the UI is not great, and the interaction and functionality do not meet my requirements. I also tried another project by the author of memos: slash, which has a more modern UI, but it focuses on sharing bookmark links, while what I need is collection and management.

I wonder if anyone has any suitable project recommendations?

MeRead Windows Version Preview#

I am completely immersed only when I am coding and reading. MeRead didn't release any new version this week, but the workload was indeed not small:

Git Graph

(Please ignore my terrible commit message 😂)

Yes, I have initially completed the Windows version of MeRead! I just need to optimize it a bit more before releasing it!

This is my first time using Flutter to develop a Windows application, and I have done a lot of research during the process. After releasing it, I will write an article to summarize it.

A Medical Experience#

Starting from about two months ago, I occasionally experienced chest tightness and palpitations, and the frequency has increased. I made an appointment and went to Peking University Third Hospital for an examination today. The electrocardiogram showed nothing, and then I had an echocardiogram, which showed mitral valve prolapse, mild mitral regurgitation, and mild tricuspid regurgitation. When I saw these results, I breathed a sigh of relief: it means there's nothing wrong!

Let me explain, my mitral valve prolapse is congenital, and mild regurgitation of the mitral valve and tricuspid valve is common in most people. These signs do not require treatment unless they worsen or are affected by other factors. My chest tightness and palpitations should be related to my recent emotions and stress. It seems that I need to write more code after all, because writing code is when I feel most comfortable 😇

Other Matters#

  • Finished reading K.K.'s new book "5000 Days Later" and will write a book review when I have time.
  • Updated 9 memos, please visit to check.
  • Added Google Analytics to, but the number of visits is still very low.
  • Updated the About page of my personal website, so now you can know me better.
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